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Get access to insights, workflows, and more on how you can use the FlyFreely UAS Platform to Manage your drone fleet, Scale your drone operations, and comply with local regulations. 


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Why Attend?

Growing an enterprise drone program from 1 to 100 drones brings many challenges. This webinar will explore the common attributes of successful and sustainable enterprise drone programs. We will examine how enterprises use the FlyFreely drone management platform to manage, grow and sustain their drone programs. Finally, we will conclude with a discussion on the future of drone management in a world of automation.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is tailored for drone program managers of any type, doesn't matter if you are starting your program or if you already have an established drone fleet. 

From Drone professionals and Government Institutions to Private Companies from Utilities, Mining, and Construction are all welcome to join.

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Meet The Panelists

David Cole
Dr. David Cole

FlyFreely - Co-Founder & CEO

David holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering as well as a degree in Structural Engineering. He has been working in the drone industry for more than a decade, spending his first years as an Australian commercial drone service provider way back in 2013.

In 2017, he co-found FlyFreely to provide commercial drone operators with the software tools they need to efficiently manage operations, compliance, and fleet.

Lumen Xu

DJI - Solution Engineer

Lumen Xu is DJI Enterprise's Solution Engineer for the Australian Market.  He is dedicated to promoting the development of the local drone business across different industries such as mining, public safety, utility, agriculture, etc.


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