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About this webinar

Join us for an informational webinar and discover how DJI Dock is transforming the landscape of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) deployments in various industries. Explore captivating case studies and expert insights on the game-changing capabilities of DJI Dock including live flight controls, emergency response, exploring the use of DJI Dock for avalanche monitoring and more. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the future of aerial operations with DJI Dock.


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Why You Should Attend?

  • Gain Insights: Learn from industry experts and explore real-world case studies showcasing the transformative power of DJI Dock in aerial operations.

  • Discover Cutting-Edge Solutions: Uncover the game-changing features and capabilities of DJI Dock, revolutionizing BVLOS deployments in various applications.

  • Expand Your Knowledge: Explore innovative deployment strategies and learn how DJI Dock enhances operational efficiency, safety, and productivity.

  • Network with Professionals: Connect with like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and practitioners at the forefront of aerial operations.


What will we cover?

This webinar will cover the Dock integration and deployment in real-case scenarios, including:

  • Pearland PD Case Study: Explore the successful deployment of DJI Dock in Pearland, Texas, including the utilization of live flight controls, drone as a first responder, and BVLOS operations in complex airspace.

  • Alaska Deployments: Learn about deployment for a state emergency in Alaska, where DJI Dock has been instrumental in collecting mapping data. Addtionally also cover exploring the use of DJI Dock to monitor for potential avalanches and transforming emergency response.

  • Industry Applications: Uncover the potential of DJI Dock in solar, electrical utilities, and oil and gas,and how it optimizes operations, enhances safety, and maximizes productivity

  • Deploying DJI Dock BVLOS: Discover how the DJI Dock has been deployed in BVLOS operations.

Who Should Attend?

  • Emergency Response Teams: Learn how DJI Dock can elevate your emergency response capabilities, enabling rapid and efficient deployment of drones in critical situations.

  • Professionals in Solar, Electrical Utility, and Oil and Gas: Explore the applications of DJI Dock in optimizing operations, improving safety, and increasing productivity in your industry.

  • UAS Operators and Pilots: Enhance your understanding of DJI Dock's capabilities and explore new opportunities for BVLOS operations.

  • Industry Professionals: Gain insights into the latest advancements in aerial operations and discover how DJI Dock can revolutionize operations in your specific industry
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Meet The Panelists

Felix Williams IV - Pearland v2
Felix Williams IV

Pearland PD - Sergeant - Patrol & DRF Operations

Sgt. Williams has been with the Pearland Police Department for over 7 years and has been a patrol supervisor for 2 and a half years. He was recently appointed as the DFR supervisor as Pearland has received a BVLOS waiver, which allows them to remotely send drones to calls for service without the need for a visual observer.

Patrick Dryer - Alaska v2
Patrick Dryer

Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities - Avalanche and Geohazard Specialist

Avid backcountry skier and avalanche educator Pat Dryer joined the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities in 2016 as an avalanche specialist. With a M.Sc. in geospatial sciences, his background and expertise is being used to address and resolve challenges using UAS’s which will significantly contribute to DOT&PF's operational efficiency. Pat is using innovative technologies to solve complex remote emergency response operations, drive informed decision-making and promote safety amongst DOT&PF’s operations.


Grant HS v2
Grant Hosticka

DJI - Head of Solution Engineering, North America

Grant leads the North American solutions engineering team at DJI, helping enterprise users deploy drones successfully. He graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in Unmanned Systems while also earning his private pilot's license and Part 107 remote pilot certification. Previously, Grant worked in the utility industry where he trained new pilots, conducted UAS operations inspecting critical infrastructure, and developed custom object detection models using AI to improve post-processing of UAS photos. Grant is motivated by seeing the positive results of drone operations across industries, whether it's saving lives, delivering blood, or helping restore power. He is passionate about showing organizations how drones can improve efficiency, productivity and safety.


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