Elevating the Environment

Learn how drones are proving to be a powerful, indispensable ally in the fight against climate change. 

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What this guide covers:

By the end of this guidebook, you'll know:


  • Why scientists need access to high-quality, timely, and reliable data 
  • What advantages do drones offer over conventional data tools 
  • How drones are beings used around the world to directly combat climate change
  • How US state governments are deploying drones to protect their local environments


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We live in a world that’s getting increasingly battered by the climate crisis and ecological degradation. Extreme events are increasing in severity and frequency. Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions are at an all-time high, while an increase in water pollution is destroying our ecosystems. The threat from melting glaciers and ice sheets alone has put as many as 410 million people at risk from rising sea levels.

The urgent and interconnected challenges we face today have heightened the need for an evidence-based, data-driven approach toward green recovery. In this background, drones have emerged as an affordable, easily deployable, and non-intrusive force multiplier for scientists and environmental agencies looking to understand the changing climate and the world around us.

Every day, around the globe, DJI drones help climate crusaders to obtain geo-referenced data quickly and understand the physical, biological, and social changes affecting our planet with more precision. Download this white paper to learn more about conservation-based case studies and applications that highlight the broad potential of drones in monitoring the environment and contributing to a greener tomorrow.