EcoFlow and WayPoint Master - Hardware and software to enhance your drone geospatial solutions

Part of a webinar series on surveying solutions and best practices

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Here is what you can expect to learn: 

In this dual-webinar, hear from EcoFlow and WayPoint Master as they share their hardware and software designed to enhance your geospatial solutions.

Part 1: EcoFlow

EcoFlow delivers game-changing mobile power stations (aka. Solar Generator) and accessories that are ideal solutions to empower professional drones at outdoor work sites. This new solution provides various combinations to realize 3.6 - 25 kWh capacity and 3600 - 7200W output, to power any drone, or other electrical equipment, with reliability and confidence.

  • EcoFlow company background
  • EcoFlow new product intro
  • Breakdown of how EcoFlow's new products solve critical power needs for commercial drones 
Part 2: WayPoint Master

Since 2015, WayPoint Master has been continuously exploring applications of UAVs across various industries. In 2020, they released WayPoint Master, an intelligent UAV route planning software, which is a leader for automated 3D flight mission solutions, and which supports almost all DJI drones.

Training is fast and easy, and it helps pilots execute safe, accurate, and automated digital twin missions. 

WayPoint Master can be widely used in various application scenarios, such as large-scale 3D reconstruction, geological hazards prevention, historical sites conservation, industrial facilities digitalization, power lines analysis, and more. 

  • Nested-Circle planning to collect oblique photos to create 3D models of large areas
  • Slope-Survey planning to adjust camera angles automatically according to your target terrain's slope
  • Façade-Survey planning to digitize buildings with precise and automated flights 
  • Power-Linear planning to create 3D models and point clouds of power lines 

Meet the Panelists

Boyang ZhangEcoFlow

Head of Enterprise, EcoFlow

Boyang has over 10 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry. At EcoFlow, Boyang leads a talented team to provide advanced and professional mobile power solutions to solve worksite and commercial power needs.



Wang Feng WayPoint

Feng Wang

CEO, Founder, WayPoint Tech Co., Ltd. 

With a major in Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering, Feng Wang has a background in UAV Structure, Flight Control Engineering, and Commercial Photography. He founded WayPoint Tech Co., Ltd. in 2015. 

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