Drones for Mining

Optimized Planning, Management and Safety

Why use drones in mining?

From measuring stockpiles, surveying, and mapping, to managing safety and security, drone applications in the mining industry are growing rapidly. Drones streamline operations by creating accurate site models, assessing risks remotely, and eliminating the need for costly manned aircraft and expert personnel. 

Drones offer smart oversight of all operations and improved savings and efficiency, with data being produced on-site at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveying techniques.

The benefits of integrating drones to mining operations

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Operating in one of the most dangerous industries, mining companies have to run regular inspections and maintain site and equipment certifications up-to-date. Drones ensure people remain out of harm's way by accessing and assessing volatile and hazardous areas remotely.


Mining operations have to manage an enormous amount of survey data, so accuracy is vital. Drones capture high-end ortho-images that create extremely realistic 'digital twin' 3D models of external sites as well as deep mines; allowing planning for future expansion and detecting structural weaknesses.

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Quickly capture aerial data of large worksites and replace tedious or time-consuming manual processes with drones. A more efficient, cost-effective and safe inspection process, that simplifies operations, providing enhanced monitoring and control. Remote slope stability checks, quick risk assessment and frequent, safe surveys all mean reduced downtime.

Drone Applications 

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Use Case | Ferrexpo Yeristovo Mining 

Ferrexpo AG, a Swiss-based mining company and a prominent iron ore producer, is investing in the use of drones to eliminate safety risks whilst also reducing costs. DroneUA, an international system integrator of unmanned solutions, provided Ferrexpo with a customized DJI drone solution to perform an in-field test.


    • To identify how a customized drone solution for mining can deliver the safest, controlled and cost-efficient execution of a scheduled blast operation in a quarry mine

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    • Pre-Operation Safety: To ensure safety during pre-explosion preparation and eliminate all security perimeter “blind spots”
    • Oversee deployment and manning of personnel at their posts
    • During Operation: Drone solutions will oversee deployment and manning of personnel at their posts, actively correct the locations of lookouts, control when they are set up, and monitor their actions while on the post. Additionally, the drone solutions will serve as a replacement of the inspection vehicle bypass and conduct the overall survey and recording of mass explosions
    • Post-Operation Safety: Perform a post-explosion equipment inspection

Click here to read the full case study and learn how DJI drone solutions create a safer blast zone.

M300 Payload Solutions for Mining

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