Introduction to High-Accuracy UAV Mapping Solutions

Part of a webinar series on surveying solutions and best practices

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5 PM PDT / 8PM EDT, Thursday, May 7, 2020

Here is what you can expect to learn: 

  • An Introduction of Flying Rules (USA)
  • An Introduction of Drone Hardware Technology (Platforms and Sensors)
  • An Introduction of Drone Software Technology
    -Mission planning
    -Flight Control
    -Image processing
  • High-Accuracy Examples and Expectations

Meet the Panelist

Eric Gakstatter
High-Accuracy GNSS and UAV Consultant, Anatum GeoMobile Solutions


Eric Gakstatter has been involved with UAVs since 2012. He holds an FAA Private Pilot certificate and was awarded an FAA 333 Exemption to fly UAVs for commercial operations in 2015. He’s tested UAVs from a wide variety of manufacturers using various sensors. He has presented at many conferences and written many articles on the value of using affordable UAVs and GNSS to produce high-accuracy data. For more than ten years, he was the high-accuracy contributing editor to GPS World magazine and Geospatial Solutions. 


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