Building a Mining Drone Program

A step-by-step guidebook by DJI and BHP that covers everything you need to know about building a mining drone program

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Commercial drones are transforming workflows at mining sites across the world. Drones bring much-needed consistency and accessibility to a mine site, giving companies the stepping stones they crave to eradicate information silos and conquer age-old data collection challenges.

Almost 70% of the mining giants today use drones to automate surveying and mapping, take more accurate stockpile measurements, conduct asset integrity inspections, make tailings management cost-effective, assure mining safety and compliance, and streamline overall mining operations management. Building a Mining Drone Program White Paper

The writing on the wall has never been more clear: Investment in drones is not expensive, especially when you consider the payback in terms of operational risk reduction, cost savings, faster decision-making, and improved efficiencies in a post-COVID world. 

So, whether you’re here because you have realized the benefits of using drones from your own experience or heard about the value the technology has brought to your competitors, download this guidebook to learn everything you need to know about deploying drones at a mine site. 

This guide covers in detail: 

  • The role of drones in mining 
  • Challenges in setting up a mine drone program and how to overcome them
  • Choosing the right mining drone solution
  • Budget and cost considerations
  • The ROI realized by early adopters
  • Regulations, training, data management, and equipment maintenance

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