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Webinar Series on DJI's Latest Matrice 300 RTK

Learn more about how this new flagship platform redefines standards for industrial drones

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Public Safety

Drones are an Essential Tool to Fight COVID-19 in Europe

→ Click to request support from DJI The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread at an alarming rate. In Europe, infection rates and the number of deaths..
Erick Razon by Erick Razon
March 30, 2020


12 Questions on the New European Drone Regulations

We talked to Christian Struwe, DJI Head of Public Policy EMEA about what the new European drone regulation means, the changes and timelines as well as..
Erick Razon by Erick Razon
July 17, 2019

Public Safety

DJI Pilot Series – Eric Rodriguez, French Firefighter

Drones have become a critical tool for professionals working in a large variety of different sectors such as public safety, search and rescue, infrast..
Erick Razon by Erick Razon
July 12, 2019

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