Matrice 300 RTK August Firmware Update

New firmware versions for the M300 RTK, the H20 Series, the Smart Controller Enterprise, and more

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August 25, 2020

Update February 22: The most recent firmware (v02.02.01.02) version is available and you can read about it here.

The latest firmware of the Matrice 300 RTK and H20 Series has been released and we are excited to share with you some of the improvements and new features that are being introduced. From a new “LookAt” feature for the H20 Series to 3rd party tablet support, this article covers everything you need to know about the new updates.

New Firmware Versions

This update includes new firmware versions for the M300 RTK, Smart Controller Enterprise, DJI Pilot App, BS60 Battery Station, and TB60 Batteries.

How to Update

Please see videos here in regards to updating your system:


New Features Introduction in U2 Version

A. H20 Series

1) Gimbal stabilization performance improved
2) Support manually creating a new folder to save photos/video taken

In camera settings you can now create a folder and also customize its name. This folder will be used until the drone is powered off or a new folder is created.

3) Customizable timestamp

You can now enable the timestamp function, customize the content of the timestamp, and also select its location.

Available text contents include: Aircraft Model, Aircraft SN, Date and Time, Coordinates and Altitude, Custom Text. The location can be set as top left/top right/bottom left/bottom right.

4) Photo/video playback and download speed is improved
5) Sunburn protection for infrared sensor

This feature is designed to prevent the thermal sensor from being damaged by strong sunlight. When it’s switched on, the infrared shutter will be automatically closed when strong sunlight is detected by the camera.

6) Split mode changed to thermal and zoom camera view

In the previous firmware version, split mode was shown as thermal and wide camera view. Now it shows thermal and zoom camera view, and allows you to zoom in and out.

7) Added inspection scene to thermal camera

You can set the scene mode to be manual/default/inspection for the thermal camera. In manual mode you can configure the DDE, contrast, and brightness. In inspection mode these parameters are set for powerline inspection scenarios.

8) Laser rangefinder can be disabled now

In the previous firmware the laser rangefinder was always on, and you could only determine whether to show it in the Pilot application camera view. Now with the U2 firmware version the laser rangefinder can be completely turned off.

In Enhanced Mode it’s always on as in the previous version, which is recommended for general missions as the laser rangefinder can help the zoom camera of H20 to focus and the intelligent functions to work well. In On-Demand Mode the laser rangefinder is enabled only when required, which can be useful for discreet missions as laser rangefinder may be detected by other night-view cameras.

B. Flight control

1) RTK position backup function

When the aircraft is in the air, if the GPS module has a malfunction and the visual system is not in effect, the aircraft will automatically use the single point position data from the RTK module for positioning, to avoid the risk of entering ATTI mode unexpectedly.

A connection to a D-RTK 2 mobile station/Ntrip service is not required for this feature to work because RTK is working as a backup GPS in this case.

2) Three-propeller emergency landing improved

The controllability during the three-propeller emergency landing is improved.

3) Flight performance improved

Maximum descend speed in P mode has been increased from 3 m/s to 4 m/s.

C. Video Transmission, Remote Controller and Advanced Dual Operator Mode

1) RC Vibrating when RTK/GPS/visual system is no longer being used for flight

RC will vibrate when the RTK/GPS signal is lost, or the visual system is no longer being used during the flight.

2) Validated compatibility with external Android device connected to RC running DJI Pilot

When you connect an Android device with DJI Pilot running on it to Smart Controller Enterprise, you can utilize the external device as a display of Pilot, and the Pilot app on the Smart Controller Enterprise will be disabled.

The validated devices include: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, Huawei M3, M4, M6.

Generally speaking other newer Samsung S tablets should work with the system as well but may have some display issues or lack the necessary processing power.

Note: DJI Pilot running on an external device doesn’t support firmware upgrades in HMS.

3) Zoom level can be controlled with combination of the confirm button and the right wheel

Press and hold the confirm button, then you can adjust the zoom level of the H20 series with the right wheel.

4) Added function to control zoom level with the stick

If the RC only has gimbal control, one stick controls the gimbal movements, and the other controls the zoom level.

5) The RC without gimbal control can display camera type and zoom level in the green box

6) Both controller A and controller B location can be set as the Home Point

7) Added functionality to support the adaptive bit rate for the Video Transmission System of PSDK camera.

D. Mission Planning

1) Added Waypoint Monitor function

The RC that doesn’t have aircraft control can enter the mission flight mode and see the planned flight route on the map so that both pilots know the current status of the mission.

The next two waypoints will be shown as a blue diamond on the screen of the FPV and camera view screen.

The target waypoint height and planned speed can be shown as blue triangles on the Flight Information of Primary Flight Display.

2) Added Linear Flight Mission Planning mode

Similar to the function in P4R, Pilot now offers a linear flight mission planning mode that allows you to create a linear flight area after the user has set the linear flight points, expansion distance, and linear flight cutting distance.


3) Data saved in a subfolder after the mission has been completed

Photo/video documents taken during a flight mission will be automatically saved in a subfolder in the SD card. When you execute a mission, you can customize the subfolder name.

E.  AI Spot-Check

1) The mission document export and import process has been optimized to improve success rate
2) When executing AI Spot-Check mission, H20 Series camera will be automatically fixed to Zoom camera and AFS mode

H20 series will not respond to camera related actions from the user during the autonomous mission, in order to ensure the AI Spot-Check accuracy

3) The framing process is optimized: you can now rotate the frame to fit the object shape

F. Smart Pin & Track

1)  Mitigated the issue that sometimes the laser range finder would show N/A
2) Improved car tracking

In Smart Track mode, if you are tracking a car, and another car is passing by, sometimes the tracking would jump to the other car by mistake. This issue has been improved in the new firmware.

The recognition for trucks has also been improved in Smart Track.


3)  RNG point will show ASL (absolute altitude)

In the U1 version it was showing ALT (relative altitude to home point), now it’s changed to ASL.

4)  Added support to edit the GPS coordinate on the map in the PinPoint function.

Go into map view, tap on the Pin (or place a pin if there has not been one placed), then click the edit button for the GPS coordinate menu to appear.

5) Added Lookat function for PinPoint

After you have created a Pin on the map or with the laser rangefinder, you may change the aircraft/gimbal direction, then you can click on the Lookat button to regain focus of the Pin point.

Whether the aircraft or the gimbal will turn depends on the gimbal mode and whether the RC has aircraft control. The Blue Lookat button pictured below will appear after a pin has been placed.

Gimbal mode

Whether the RC has aircraft control




The gimbal will turn to the Pin point



The aircraft will turn to the Pin direction and the gimbal pitch will turn to focus on the Pin point



The gimbal will turn to the Pin point



The gimbal will turn to the Pin point


G. Primary Flight Display

1) Showing vertical speed bar in FPV view

Vertical speed will be shown as a white bar in FPV view and camera view.

2) Wind direction changed to relative direction to the aircraft in PFD

In the previous firmware version, wind direction will show the absolute cardinal direction. In the latest version it is changed to the relative direction to the aircraft.

H. Pilot App enhancements

1) Added battery and RTK information in the DJI Pilot checklist.

2) When the discreet mode is turned off, the auxiliary lights will return to Auto mode. 
3) Support manually switch to ATTI mode

Similar to M2E series, you can change the RC mode configuration from T/P/S to A/P/S in Pilot App. Under A/P/S configuration, you can switch to ATTI mode if you turn the switch to T.

4) Added support to check the status of Enterprise Shield and activate Shield service


5) Display the GPS coordinate of the aircraft on map view

You can click on the aircraft icon to show/hide it.

6) Video tutorial for M300 RTK can be visited in the Pilot App with Internet connection

7) Added Clear Cache function

You can clear the cache of the Pilot app in Pilot Settings now.

8) Support to set the upward and downward vision system separately

The upward and downward vision system can now be set separately.

In previous versions, even if you disabled the downward vision system, the drone would still stop at the braking distance,

Now if you disable the downward vision system, the drone will not stop when it’s close to the ground, however it will still decrease its speed to avoid hitting the ground sharply.


9) Added a GIF tutorial for installing the sleeves of the frame arms

When the Pilot app is connected to M300 RTK, this GIF tutorial will pop up to tell users how to install the frame arms correctly, and you can click to stop it showing again.

10) Adjusted the horizontal obstacle avoidance status to four-way independent display, and supported to use the infrared sensor for obstacle avoidance once the vision system obstacle avoidance failed.

I. Health Management System (HMS) and firmware updates

1) Added filter of severity level in Error Records function


2) Log document is divided by flights in RC log export function

3) Support to upgrade H20 series payload with DA2

Mount the H20 series gimbal on M300 RTK and connect it to DA2, then you will find H20 Series in the firmware update section with M300 RTK.

4) Added consistency upgrade in HMS

Previously the consistency upgrade window will pop up if a battery installed has a different firmware version with the one embedded in the aircraft firmware.

Now this function can be triggered proactively in the HMS page, so that you can use it to upgrade multiple batteries.

5) The firmware download speed has been optimized

J. Bug fixes

1) Solved the bug that hovering time in waypoint action cannot reach 30s.

Previously there was a bug that the hovering time cannot exceed 25s, now it can reach up to 30s.

2) Solved the bug that the aircraft may shake when flying to the first waypoint.
3) Solved the bug that when the mission is created it is not displayed in the mission library.
4) Solved the issue where the High-Res Grid was not in English.
5) Various other issues and bugs have been fixed.

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