UAVs in Oil & Gas: How Drones Assist in Asset Integrity Management

2:30 pm (GMT+8), Thursday, April 16, 2020

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Drone technology is rapidly becoming essential for a wide variety of industries across the world. In particular, drones are making a huge difference in the Oil & Gas industry where they are being deployed for Asset Integrity Management. 

This webinar will share cutting-edge solutions deployed by DJI and Halo Robotics in Indonesia where they assist Pertamina EP in asset inspection and assessment. 

Here is what you can expect to learn: 

  • An overview of drone solutions in heavy industry and Oil & Gas
  • Insight on drone solutions for:
    General Visual Inspection (GVI), thermal + zoom sensors for external inspection;
    As-Built Modeling (LIDAR and/or Photogrammetry) with the Emesent Hovermap and Phantom 4 RTK
  • Use cases from Pertamina, an Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas corporation
  • DJI’s global vision for the future of drones in Oil & Gas, and our long-term strategy in raising efficiency and ROI in heavy industry

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Meet the Panelists

Alex Xie
DJI, Global Oil & Gas Manager

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Alex has been leading Oil & Gas drone projects for more than three years, including collaborations with Saudi Aramco, Sinopec, and Petro China.

With a global vision for the future of drones in Oil & Gas, Alex is driving forward DJI’s Oil & Gas initiatives with the aim of improving efficiency and safety for everyone involved. 



Eli Moselle
Halo Robotics, CEO 

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Halo Robotics has worked with DJI Enterprise in Indonesia since 2017, leading the growing adoption of drones in high-risk environments including Oil and Gas and other key heavy industries.

Eli has worked closely with major companies adopting drones to improve safety and efficiency in asset maintenance and management, and Halo Robotics is proud to showcase drone applications with Pertamina, Indonesia’s national Oil & Gas company, that are unlocking new potential for the technology in the energy sector.


Johannes Soekidi
Halo Robotics, Managing Director 

Johannes Soekidi - Hubspot Profile PhotoJohannes has a strong background in commercial drone solutions in many industrial sectors and business applications and is leading Halo Robotics work in Indonesia to support the growing adoption of drones in high-risk environments including Oil & Gas and other key heavy industries.

Johannes has been a project leader in several successful initiatives with Pertamina, and is able to share insights about the specific ways that drones are contributing to efficiency in asset maintenance workflows, and improving workplace safety in Indonesia’s energy sector.


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