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The Matrice 30 Series is here. We've collected some resources to help get you up to speed, so you know everything you need to know about the M30. 

Official DJI Enterprise Product Training

Join Grant Hosticka - DJI, Head of Solutions Engineering, North America as he dives deep into the Matrice 30, the Matrice 30T, the Matrice 30 Dock Version, the DJI RC Plus, the BS30 Battery Station, the Zenmuse H20N, and more, in this official DJI Enterprise product training. 

Blog: Top 9 Features of the Matrice 30

Featured Image - Top 9 Features of the M30

Meet the union of Power and Portability: the Matrice 30 Series. Learn about the top features separating DJI's newest commercial drone from the pack. 

Blog: Top 5 Features of the DJI RC Plus

Featured Image - Top 5 Features of DJI RC Plus

Packaged together with the Matrice 30: the DJI RC Plus. Every feature and design decision was inspired by the demands of Enterprise pilots. Learn more about the top 5 features of the DJI RC Plus

User Story: Matrice 30T Makes Quick Work of Grasslands Wildfire in Cleburne, Texas

Featured Image - M30T Cleburne Fire

In the first success story of many to come, read about how the Matrice 30T performed in its first grasslands wildfire response. From providing thermal insight on the expanding fire to tracking points of interest with PinPoints, the M30T brought the efficiency and safety of the whole operation to new heights. 



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