Qualified Entities Program (QEP)

Conduct Public Safety Missions without Geo-Fencing Restrictions

DJI is committed to supporting our federal, state, and local public safety agencies through enabling the full range of capabilities of our UAV products. These capabilities will serve operating scenarios in advanced and higher-risk applications.

The Qualified Entities Program (QEP) allows Government and Public Safety entities to have their DJI drone's altitude and geo-fencing limitations unlocked, so that they can conduct their drone operations without restrictions for a long period of time.

We hope this brings value and enables first responders to deploy their UAV's rapidly within a variety of missions. 

Why choose QEP over a regular unlock via FlySafe? 

QEP provides government and public safety entities geo and altitude unlock permissions for a longer period of time vs. a regular unlock request and can also cover a larger area.

Which entities can apply for the Program? 

Government and Public Safety Entities (e.g. Fire Service, Search and Rescue, Coast Guard, Civil Defense, Law Enforcement, Border Control, etc.). These are the documents that have to be provided. 

North America: QEP application form, letter with agency letterhead requesting QEP unlock, signed terms and conditions, spreadsheet of flight controller serial number(s) and DJI account(s), Copy of Part 107 license of chief pilot OR Certificate of Authorization from the FAA

Note: New aircraft(s) or user(s) can be added or removed at any time by submitting an updated spreadsheet. Approximately every 6 months you will receive an email from DJI requesting the review of your documents. This is your opportunity to update documents (renewed 107s, updated COAs), add or remove aircrafts/user accounts, and update any contact information. This is part of our terms to ensure that not only we have the proper information, but also that the UAV lead gets a reminder to review the fleet and authorization information, and make necessary updates.

Europe: QEP application form, signed terms and conditions, letter with agency letterhead requesting QEP unlock, email address with an institutional domain.

Note: All documents need to be signed and stamped by the head of the entity.

How to apply?

Download the application form and program details here:




        *Forms and Program Details are Available in English, German, and French

Submit the filled up form and required documents to:


How long does the drone unlock stay valid? 

Drones will be unlocked for a minimum of five calendar years.  


Are there any resources to help me submit my QEP application?

We have created a step-by-step guide on applying for QEP that you can access below: 

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