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By David Benowitz David Benowitz
March 23, 2020

Welcome to Insights, DJI's destination for everything you need to know about commercial drones.

The commercial industry has grown from its tinkering hobbyist roots to an expanding ecosystem of system integrators, drone service providers and more that serve industry leaders such as Corteva Agriscience, BNSF,  NY PD and LA FD. And the acceleration is on track to continue.

Last year the FAA adjusted its forecast as it sees the industry moving 2-3 years faster than expected (pictured below). While this just captures just the growth in the United States, at DJI we see drone use growing at similar or higher rates across the globe, from Asia and Africa to Europe and Latin America.

FAA Forecast Data Long (1)

Despite this positive trend, this growth isn't guaranteed to continue unless industry stakeholders take the right steps into expanding the market. Everywhere DJI does business, we hear the same things - the technology is there but the operations and knowledge aren't. So we plan to solve that.

Supporting Industry Growth Through Education

Towards the end of last year, our team started pulling in freelance drone writers from around the globe and setting new incentives and guidelines for our global distribution network to source and create drone stories, case studies, blog posts, playbooks and more. More recently, these efforts escalated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which raises the importance of digital connection and learning.

Now we are ready to go live. This insights platform (accessible via the insights tab of the enterprise.dji.com website) is our answer. It is composed of 3 key sections:

  1. Blog: Where we host general information about industry topics, from new technology innovations and guidance on things like drone insurance, to diving deep into industry trends.
  2. User Stories: Deep dives into stories from our users, emphasizing the steps they took to build their drone operations and/or specific guidance on how other businesses can follow suite.
  3. Learning Center: Hosting more long-form content that act as resources for business to start or enhance their drone program. Including webinars, white papers, playbooks, topical eBooks and more.

We are excited to be bringing all three sections live today and are looking forward to improving them and adding additional content in the future.

To get things started, we have developed a set of content around "Building a Drone Program", starting with our first playbook and will be followed up by stories from industry leaders around the globe on the steps they specifically took.

Building a Drone Program Playbook

Below I have answered some common questions we expect you might have, but if you have any feedback or further questions, you can comment at the bottom of this post (or any post in the future)!


Q: Will this platform only be in english?
No! This month we are only able to put online an English version, but we have plans to follow-up with additional languages shortly in the future. These will be added in subsequent months. While portions of the content will be directly translated from English, we will have some content in languages such as Japanese, Italian, French, German and Spanish where it will be developed in that language first (and sometimes only) to match the markets specific needs.

When more languages are available you will see a globe icon just below the Contact Us button (top right) on the navigation bar.

Q: What happens if I subscribe?
If you fill out any of the subscription forms at the bottom of our content, we will deliver content straight to your inbox regularly. To start, our regular emails won't be industry specific, but in the future we will start to deliver content based on your entered industry. For some specific industries or content (currently limited to Public Safety, Agriculture and Surveying), we will automatically email you a small number of related content over a 2 week period that increases in specificity (and is hyper-related to what you read before), before defaulting to a less frequent monthly update.

As a subscriber, your data will not be passed to any individual team member unless you specifically request for purchasing or pricing information, through our general contact us form or a few other locations (they are clearly marked). Our handling of data is compliant with EU GDPR and CCPA, and if you want to unsubscribe at any time, you can find a link to unsubscribe in any email we send you.

Q: I have a story or topic that I would like you to cover, can you write about it?
Yes, we are interested in exploring and covering more stories and topics. You can either comment below or send us an email at enterprise@dji.com, with "Content Idea" in the subject. If we are interested, we will get in touch!

Q: I have feedback on your post, email or other content, where can I share it?
Thanks, we are looking for your feedback. This is new for us, and we are sure to make some mistakes along the way. You can comment directly on a post to provide feedback to us, reply to any email we send (those are real people and names!) and we will also start to implement some basic scoring systems on each post or email we send in the near future. At any time, you can also email us at enterprise@dji.com

Q: I just commented, why doesn't it appear on the article yet?
We want to keep an open, transparent and active platform, but at the same time want to be sure the conversation, discussion and feedback is productive for the industry. With that in mind, we do manually review each comment before it goes online.

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Building a Drone Program Playbook

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