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Public Safety | Electricity

30 Things to Know About DJI FlyCart 30

1. DJI FlyCart 30 (FC30) is DJI’s first ever delivery drone Drone delivery has captured the public's imagination since 2013 when Jeff Bezos predicted ..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
April 2, 2024
DJI Drones for Law Enforcement

Public Safety | #DronesHelp

How Drones Help Law Enforcement

Have you ever wondered how law enforcement agencies are embracing the swift advancements in technology? A key development in this arena is the adoptio..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
January 25, 2024

Public Safety | Industry Insights

10 Features All Public Safety Drone Users Should Know, and How to Use Them

In an ever-evolving landscape of public safety, drones have emerged as pivotal tools for efficient and effective responses. Whether it's mitigating wi..
Grant Hosticka by Grant Hosticka
November 30, 2023

Public Safety | AEC & Surveying | Inspection

Complete PPK Workflow for DJI Enterprise Drones

Post-processed kinematic (PPK) is a method of using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data to accurately determine the position and trajectory..
Run Li by Run Li
March 28, 2023

Public Safety | AEC & Surveying | Product Innovation | Inspection

POI Mode, Improved Terrain Follow: New Features Coming to Your DJI Drones

The next major firmware update for your DJI Enterprise drone is here! We have consolidated months of user feedback and testing into an update that pac..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
March 10, 2023

Public Safety

Accident Reconstruction Workflow with the Mavic 3 Enterprise

When road accidents occur, public safety personnel will often need to document the scene. This critical step, also known as accident reconstruction, i..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
November 29, 2022

Public Safety

How to Build Your Drone Program from an Aviation Perspective 

Combining the concept of aviation with drone technology has often been a delicate subject for industry stakeholders. But for Kyle Nordfors, Drone Team..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
November 22, 2022

Public Safety | AEC & Surveying | Product Innovation

New Firmware Release for the Matrice 30 Series

Since its release, DJI's compact flagship aircraft for industrial applications, the Matrice 30 Series, has provided commercial drone pilots with an ef..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
November 17, 2022

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