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Drones fighting COVID

Public Safety | Industry Insights

Innovating to Fight COVID-19: Four Ways Drones are Contributing

As the New Year’s ball dropped and humanity celebrated the coming of a new decade of progress, Wuhan, China – a bustling travel hub housing over 11 mi..
Jaime Perez by Jaime Perez
March 23, 2020
Drones and Public Safety in Europe

Public Safety

Drones and Public Safety in Europe

Last year saw – and this year will see – major drone milestones in the European Public Safety sector. High-profile events unfolded in 2019 involving t..
Scott Simmie by Scott Simmie
March 20, 2020

Public Safety

UAVs in Public Safety: A Look at Data from 2014 to 2019

The most updated data about the use of drones in Public Safety in North America is out. Bard College's Center of the Study of the Drone is the most co..
Romeo Durscher by Romeo Durscher
March 11, 2020

Public Safety

Enterprise Drones and the Public Safety Sector: 2019 in Review

As we close out 2019 and look ahead to 2020, it’s a natural time to reflect. And across the globe, enterprise verticals continued to grow with new use..
Scott Simmie by Scott Simmie
January 3, 2020

Public Safety

DJI Pilot Series – Eric Rodriguez, French Firefighter

Drones have become a critical tool for professionals working in a large variety of different sectors such as public safety, search and rescue, infrast..
Erick Razon by Erick Razon
July 12, 2019

Public Safety

From Torches to Flying Robots: New Tools for Law Enforcement

While the public safety profession first began with “an eye for an eye” as its core, today’s law enforcement personnel have to navigate a society with..
David Benowitz by David Benowitz
January 7, 2019

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