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Agriculture | #DronesHelp

Restoring Tranquility to Paradise: Inside the Latest Pest Control Project Using DJI’s Spraying Drones

All over the world, DJI’s agriculture drones enable farmers to work smarter and improve the sustainability of their operations. The same platforms are..
Malek Murison by Malek Murison
March 2, 2023


Pest Control at Palm Oil Plantation with Agras Agricultural Drone

Malaysia is the world's second-largest producer of palm oil, with more than 4.5 million hectares of oil palm plantation producing over 17 million tonn..
DJI Agriculture by DJI Agriculture
June 30, 2021
P4 Multispectral for GROUPAMA precision agriculture


Multispectral Drones Streamline Assessments of Assieu Rapeseed Crops

GROUPAMA, a leading insurance provider in France, has integrated the DJI P4 Multispectral into its field experts crop damage imagery capturing workflo..
Matthew J. Grassi by Matthew J. Grassi
April 13, 2020

Agriculture | Drone Ecosystem

Corteva Deploys Largest Ag Drone Fleet in the World

The world's largest agricultural drone fleet is transforming the way farmers manage their crops. Through a collaboration with Corteva AgriscienceTM, A..
David Benowitz by David Benowitz
February 25, 2019

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