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5 Top Reasons Why DJI Terra is One of the Best Drone Mapping Software

AEC & Surveying | Product Innovation

5 Reasons Why DJI Terra is a Top Drone Mapping Software

With now 400% more efficiency in drone data processing thanks to the latest update, planning, processing, analyzing – and making more informed decisio..
Viviana Laperchia by Viviana Laperchia
March 26, 2021

Product Innovation

Why Upgrade to DJI Enterprise Drones – And How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Business

Change is inevitable. And though the Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic 2 Pro and Inspire series continue to blur the lines between consumer and enterprise applicat..
Viviana Laperchia by Viviana Laperchia
March 16, 2021

AEC & Surveying

Mapping the Inaccesible: Why Geologists Use Drones to Create 3D Models of Cliffs, Coasts and Volcanoes

“Using drones has revolutionized geological fieldwork, it has fundamentally changed the way we work, and we are only seeing the beginning of it. The p..
Viviana Laperchia by Viviana Laperchia
March 3, 2021

Product Innovation

DJI’s Ultimate Guide on Flying Drones in Snow and Cold Weather - Backed by Customers’ Experience

“I like the cold weather. It means you get work done.” - Noam Chomsky Yes. Work does get done when flying a drone in snow and cold weather -- when you..
Viviana Laperchia by Viviana Laperchia
March 1, 2021

Energy | Electricity

5 Reasons Why This Grid Service Company Uses the Matrice 300 RTK for Powerline Inspections

That drones make a powerline inspector’s job safer and more efficient is no news for companies operating in the energy supply sector. But when Bouygue..
Viviana Laperchia by Viviana Laperchia
February 20, 2021

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