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Webinar Series on DJI's Latest Matrice 300 RTK

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M300 RTK

Drone Ecosystem

Matrice 300 RTK August Firmware Update

Update February 22: The most recent firmware (v02.02.01.02) version is available and you can read about it here. The latest firmware of the Matrice..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
August 25, 2020
M300 RTK with Emesent Hovermap

Product Innovation

Autonomous Underground Flight with M300 RTK and the Emesent Hovermap

Two technology pioneers accustomed to raising the bar together have done it again in spectacular style. On August 4th, Hovermap technology developed..
Emesent by Emesent
August 24, 2020
Terra Updates Blog

AEC & Surveying | Product Innovation

Faster, more accurate drone data processing with DJI Terra

Update September 3, 2020: To view highlights from DJI Terra's V2.3.0 release, click here.   If you are just starting to build a drone program, you..
Ishveena Singh by Ishveena Singh
August 13, 2020
M600 + OFIL


A Custom Drone Solution for Nuclear Facility Maintenance

Just two years after the company was founded, Empire Drone was asked to take on the task of integrating a new type of sensor onto a drone for a..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
August 5, 2020
AirWorks Speaker Sneak Peek

Drone Ecosystem

AirWorks 2020 - Speaker Sneak Peek

With AirWorks 2020 rapidly approaching, it’s time for a sneak peek into what you’ve all been waiting for: the Speakers.
Denise Hibbard by Denise Hibbard
August 5, 2020

Drone Ecosystem

AirWorks 2020 - What to Expect

We are very excited to announce that AirWorks 2020, DJI's annual gathering of the commercial drone industry, will be a digital event. Prepare to tune..
Denise Hibbard by Denise Hibbard
July 30, 2020
LiAirV LIDAR on M300 RTK

AEC & Surveying | Product Innovation

Candrone presents LiAirV: Drone LIDAR Integration with the M300 RTK

Candrone, an official DJI channel partner, is proud to present the world's first LIDAR system for the DJI Matrice 300 RTK. With sub 5cm± accuracy,..
Candrone by Candrone
July 27, 2020

Energy | Oil & Gas

Why Shell is Using Drones for Oil and Gas Refinery Inspection

Shell Deer Park is a fully integrated refinery and chemical plant spanning 2,300 acres, 20 miles east of downtown Houston, Texas. 
Malek Murison by Malek Murison
July 23, 2020

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