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Public Safety

Drones Were Critical for Search and Rescue During Norway's Biggest Landslide Disaster

In disaster situations, first responders often bear the same life-threatening risks as the victims themselves. Find out how DJI's unmanned first respo..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
May 18, 2021

Drone Ecosystem | Oil & Gas

DJI Maintenance Program: Why Shell Deer Park Chooses DJI’s Official Maintenance Services For Their Drone Fleet

20 miles east of Houston, Texas lies Shell’s Deer Park site, a 2,300-acre refinery and chemical processing facility which annually produces around 100..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
May 17, 2021

Public Safety

4 Ways Drones Fight Forest Fires

On Nov. 8, 2018, a forest fire tore through the towns of Paradise and Magalia in northern California, destroying more than 18,000 structures and killi..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
May 11, 2021

AEC & Surveying | #DronesHelp

Like a Phoenix: California’s Paradise Rebuilds With Help From DJI and General Pacific

Charles Brooks slung his pick-ax into the soil. It was a simple job, leveling some ground for landscaping. (He’s also pretty handy with an Enterprise ..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
May 6, 2021

AEC & Surveying

Aerial Surveying Just Got Smart

Surveyors and GIS professionals have the highest standards when it comes to their tools and their trade. It’s no wonder that many surveyors are turnin..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
April 28, 2021

Drone Ecosystem | #DronesHelp

How Drones are Saving the Planet

Our planet is at a tipping point. Global temperatures continue to rise with stark consequences for many of the things we take for granted. 
Malek Murison by Malek Murison
April 22, 2021

Drone Ecosystem | #DronesHelp

Conservation Drones are Helping Environmentalists Make Huge Strides in Wildlife Mapping

Did you know, if bees were to become extinct, humans would be able to grow only 28 crops, because all other varieties of crops depend on bees for poll..
Ishveena Singh by Ishveena Singh
April 22, 2021

Energy | #DronesHelp

Saving the Planet, One Renewable Energy Drone Inspection at a Time

The past decade was the hottest on record. With rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and changing rainfall patterns, extreme weather events have also ..
DJI Enterprise by DJI Enterprise
April 22, 2021

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